»The End «

Posted February 14th 2013.

Our graphic designer had to quit the project last year due to work demands

For now, it seems there will be no more issues of ITM

About 20 articles were written & ready to go for issue 9, now they gather dust

If you are a graphic design willing to work pro bono, feel free to contact us: editor@interestingtimesmagazine.net

So long, everybody, and thank you all for 3 great years!

» Interesting Times Magazine issue #08 «

Posted April 2nd 2012.

Issue 8 is out!

Get it in paper for $17.80

This issue features articles on Not Giving A Fuck, approaching chicks like a pro, finding free housing, levelling up your life with a Mastermind Group, acquiring hot abs, hacking your psyche and reaching God Mode like master-seducer Aaron Sleazy, applying ancient ninja tactics to everyday problems, and lots more! Enjoy it, weirdoes!


» Issue 7 is available «

Posted July 23rd 2011.

Issue 7 is out!

Get it in paper for $16.20

This issue features articles on the cutting edge of hackerspaces, customizing your tacticool equipment, how to arouse women like Casanova, learning any language in 3 months, how to retire extremely early, obliterating your worst fears and becoming unscared, demolishing Approach Anxiety with neurological tricks & hacks, how to invest in rare metals and profit from the New World Order, memorizing anything, and much more!

Welcome to the super-empowered future.


» In Print! «

Posted April 6th 2011.

After loads of technical struggle, the dream has come true: Finally, Interesting Times is a real magazine!

Issue #6 is now avaliable in print! Head over to Magcloud and order your copy! For the price of $14.60 plus shipping you can own a paper copy of this wacky magazine.

Wishing to provide you with hard copies of the magazine as affordable as possible, we set the profit margin to $0. Thank you for your support, and enjoy the real deal!

» Issue #6 «

Posted February 26th 2011.

Long overdue, issue 6 is finally out! We apologize for the long delay and hope to get issue 7 out much faster. As an added bonus, there will be print copies of issue 6 available in a few weeks! Until then, enjoy the sixth issue of Interesting Times Magazine.

It will teach you how to become a personally developed ninja, how to cope with the futility of existence, what Swedish libertarian babes are like, how to utilize the virtues of the pirates, building your own G.E.C.K., how to get a girlfriend, how to become a sleazy Internet marketer, how to increase your intelligence, how to recognize the signs of our current cyberpunk future, and MUCH MORE! Get it now!

» Issue #5 «

Posted September 1st 2010.

Yes, it's true! It's been a long time in the making but it is finally here. Ninety six pages of delicious brainfood and lifestyle design including interviews with Jack Spirko and Morten Lund, a guide on becoming irresistible to women and the Ferrisspunk Manifesto.

Want more? Good, because there's plenty more inside! Head over to our downloads section and check out the sweetness that is Interesting Times Magazine issue #5.

Quick update: The file is now significantly smaller. At 38mb it should be sufficiently small for everyone to download, while retaining good image quality. We wish to extend a thank you to our readers who helped resolve the file size issue.

» Issue #4 finally out! «

Posted April 13th 2010.

Through the expenditure of endless buckets of precious bodily fluids, and the employment of numerous shady tactics, we finally managed to unfrakk our stalemate and "git r done" as they say. Now is the time to stop the incessant weeping and the gnashing of teeth and all that!

Rejoice, for there is a new issue of Interesting Times, the magazine that has been described as equal parts 2600, Vice Magazine, and Soldier of Fortune.

In this issue you will find info on permaculture, cyberwar, social dynamics, military history, social engineering, corpolitical infiltration tactics, virtual micro-empires that operate outside of the State's purview, strongman training, how to become a self-taught Dr House, and much more.

Enjoy, my murine and immaculately ferrous friends.

» Interesting Times meet-up in Sweden «

Posted March 30th 2010.

We'll be meeting up somewhere in south Sweden on the 24th of April. Lots of people coming, should be... interesting. We're going to be doing corporate team-building, strategizing, syner- gizing and all that good jazz. We will then transition into drunken mayhem.

Drop me a line if you dig these plans. Booze, burgers and blondes are guaranteed for all attendees.

» Do we need more of a community? «

Posted March 21st 2010.

What kind of community site are you, the readers, interested in? A forum? A group blog? Or something like Slashdot or Kuro5hin, with more advanced features? Or something completely different?

Send in your ideas to editor@interestingtimesmagazine.net.

» Print versions of the magazine? «

Posted March 12th 2010.

A lot of people have been asking us if we're going to be offering paper copies of Interesting Times. The answer is: yes, we have been wanting to do that from the beginning.

The initial plan was to use the print-on-demand service Magcloud.com (kind of like Lulu for magazines). After getting some test copies we are more and more becoming discouraged from doing this, as we are not happy with the way it comes out in print - more specifically, the resolution of images.

So, for now all we can say is that we want to offer print versions as soon as possible, but we don't know how. If you have any ideas, please send them to info@interestingtimesmagazine.net.

Another thing: making a profit from these print versions is NOT a requirement. We want to make them for the fans and for fun. :)

» A facelift! «

Posted March 4th 2010.

At last, we are proud to present the real Interesting Times Magazine website! I wish to extend our sincerest apologies to anyone who might have accidentally laid eyes on the old site, and hope that you'll find this look a bit more appealing.

Additional features will be added as they're developed, but we thought it necessary to get the new design online as soon as possible. Any thoughts or ideas regarding the new site would be greatly appreciated and thoroughly considered by our webmaster.

With the unfortunate technical difficulties regarding the release of issue #4 mentioned below, we decided that now would be an opportune time to launch the new site in order to show you that things are indeed moving forward, and ask for a tiny bit of additional patience. We assure you, #4 will be out before you know it. Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy the new website!

» Issue 4 delay «

Posted March 4th 2010.

Issue 4 has been written and layouted for some time now. Unfortunately, we have run into some heavy problems with exporting it to PDF.

If anyone has any expertise with QuarkXpress 8 for Mac, PLEASE contact our slightly frustrated layout & co-editor: Imoto at imoto@interestingtimesmagazine.net.

» Number three, baby «

Posted December 31st 2009.

The third installment of Interesting Times has hit the shelves right as the new years fireworks thunder in the night! It is a big hitter, with, among other things, predictions for the year to come, to make sure you have the information required to survive in these times. Do check it out, and Happy New Years from the Interesting Times crew!

» Issue #2 «

Posted December 3rd 2009.

Finally, Interesting Times issue 2 is avaliable for download! We are currently working hard on issue 3, which will be out before christmas. But until then, head over to the download section and enjoy number 2!


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